Destination Lanzarote

The enigmatic planet

An arid volcanic paradise whose enigma lies in its raw hostility and ethereal beauty. Situated in the Eastern Canary Islands, Lanzarote is a conservation success story and an artistic haven with a landscape that tells a story of creation and destruction. Escape into a hidden paradise where time seems to stand still and take some time to reconnect with nature as well as with yourself. 


What at first glance looks like an otherworldly, forgotten planet is actually brimming with a strange kind of beauty. The colors of the island are muted shades of gray and black, interspersed with the occasional green of the hardy plants that have adapted to their harsh environment. The air carries the scent of the sea, tinged with the smell of volcanic rock and earth. The island feels eternal, a place where time stands still and the natural world reigns. 

Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape is dotted with towering peaks, dramatic caves and rugged coastlines that stretch out to meet the sea. The island’s ecological significance and wealth of biodiversity made it a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a protected area meant for the conservation of plants, animals and cultural traditions. 

The architecture on the island lives in perfect harmony with the raw beauty of Lanzarote’s landscape. The structures seemingly have grown from the ground, rather than built. 



The Cactus Garden / Lanzarote

César Manrique’s Cactus Garden (El Jardín de Cactus), is truly a work of art. A harsh desert is transformed into an oasis of tranquility and its here amongst the towering cacti, the noise of the outside world fades away. The garden is a story of transformation, rehabilitation and renewal as it rose form a place of neglect and became internationally awarded for its significance and beauty.

Timanfaya National Park 

Timanfaya Nationa Park, formed by a series of volcanic eruptions in the 18th century is a window into the fiery heart of Lanzarote. A place where volcanos still smolder and the earth breathes fire with geothermal activity just beneath the surface. The landscape is sculpted by lava and shadows of ancient craters that stretch across the land. It is a perfect place for those seeking the most extraordinary sceneries. 



Designed by César Manrique to blend seamlessly into the environment, Maison Lagomar, once a private residence of actor Omar Sharif is now a multi use structure encompassing the LagOmar Museum as well as La Cueva (The Cave) a restaurant located inside a natural volcanic cave. 

El Diablo Resturant 

Nestled in the breathtaking Timanfaya National Park of Lanzarote surrounded by stunning lava fields is El Diablo, a unique restaurant that harnesses the island’s volcanic activity to create an explosive dining scenery where you can watch your food cook over geothermal heat. 


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