True voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

Woman holding Alpine Drops natural plant-based retinol face oil. Bibliothèque

Plant Based Retinol

Natural retinol like Alpine Drops restoring face oil is ideal for those seeking all the benefits of retinol without the harsh side effects or restrictions that come with traditional retinol Derived from plant-based sources and free from synthetics, natural retinol is a gentler, more sustainable approach to radiant, youthful skin. 

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Nature's Mineral Magic - Périne - Clay masks - Natural mineral ingredients in skincare Bibliothèque

Nature's Mineral Magic

From the earth's soil, to its rocks and waters, minerals and botanicals are ingredients du jour when it comes to skincare. Offering a wealth of benefits that support healthy, radiant skin the two are a dynamic duo, working in synergy to purify and nourish the skin with their unique properties.

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Woman enjoying a self care day reading a book, practicing mindfulness and using natural skincare. Bibliothèque

Less is More

Skinmalism is all about embracing a less is more approach to skincare, using fewer products with higher quality ingredients. The cultural shift towards skinmalism is a reflection of our society’s need to simplify our routines, and focus on restoring and protecting our skin barrier. It’s a way to go back to the basics without sacrificing...

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A Curated Guide to New York City's Best Hotel, Shopping and Dining Gems Flâneur

New York Guide

In a city that is constantly moving, we turn to the French art of flaneuring where we find ourselves wandering with intention, gravitating to places that offer a sense of calm, an endless abode of inspiration, mindfulness, and scrumptious delights. Enjoy the flaneur guide to our home city, New York. 

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Travel guide to Lanzarote island, showing its diverse landscape. Travel

Destination Lanzarote

An arid volcanic paradise whose enigma lies in its raw hostility and ethereal beauty. Situated in the Eastern Canary Islands, Lanzarote is a conservation success story and an artistic haven with a landscape that tells a story of creation and destruction. Escape into a hidden paradise where time seems to stand still and take some...

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Ruby Benson, a content creator, creative consultant and equestrian shares her skincare beauty rituals. Rituals

Rituals Of Ruby

Wellness has always been a multi-dimensional concept that spans far beyond just the physical. Things that ground us and help us be more present are truly unique to the individual. Toronto based multi disciplinary creative and avid equestrian, Ruby Benson shares her unique wellness practices, forms of meditation as well as her skin care must...

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