Périne is more than just skin care, it’s a self-care journey. We believe in the art of slowing down, enjoying the moment, loving and embracing who you are and caring for yourself inside and out through simple skin care rituals.

Guided by the notion of simplicity, our streamlined, pared-down approach to skincare highlights the power of botanical ingredients known for their skin-enhancing properties without the need for overcomplicated routines. 

Our Story

Our objective has always been to formulate skincare that's elevated, efficacious, and deeply rooted in nature's nourishment with a focus on skin health, integrity and longevity. We believe in the transformative power of natural ingredients, and our mission is to elevate the relationship between nature and beauty. 

We focus on harnessing the raw power of nature to create formulas that protect, nourish and restore the skin. Every product is thoughtfully formulated using botanicals long revered for their incredible benefits.


Périne believes in transparency and continues to work on ways to reduce its environmental footprint through research and new developments in the eco space. Our packaging utilizes glass to minimize the use of unnecessary plastics. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced and our labs in Canada formulate small batches so we are never overproducing nor wasting natural ingredients or packaging. We are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.